That Will Leave a Mark

Jan 28th 2010

If you have been hanging out at Calvary the last two weeks, you know that we started a new teaching series — Leave a Mark: Stories of the Untamed Jesus. So I’ve been thinking for awhile about the ways in which we leave a mark on the world — or the way the world leaves a mark on us.  For example watch the video below from our time in Myanmar.

Now say with me, “Wow. That’s gonna leave a mark!”

So here are a few questions to ask yourself —

  1. 1) How is the world leaving it’s mark on me?
  2. 2) How is Jesus leaving his mark on me?
  3. 3) How am I leaving my mark on the world?

If you haven’t had a chance to join us the last few weeks, you can click one of these links to listen to the first two Leave a Mark talks.   Stories of the Untamed Jesus or 

      1. A Really Good Story

I’m looking forward to the series.  Hope you can join us!