Oct 07th 2008

One of the hallmarks of New Hope Church is DCAT — Doing Church as Team. New Hope has one of the lowest ratios of staff to attenders of any church it’s size in the nation.  In other words, they are low on staff and high on volunteers.  One reason is that teamwork is part of the dna of their church.  So it stands to reason that our leadership practicum would have it’s share of teamwork exercises…like a sand volleyball tournament — our team finished fourth (out of four teams) and Hawaiian style canoeing (our team finished second of six).  Let me share a few of the lessons that were driven home.

1) Everybody on the team has a part to play and each part is different.  If I don’t do my part, or if I try to do my part and your part.  The team loses.

2) A team working together is of greater value than a team full of stars working on their own.

3) In canoeing, people in seats 3,4,5,6 must submit to the leadership of the people in seats 1,2.  It has nothing to do with who has the better stroke, who is stronger, or has more endurance.  Its simply a matter of followership.  Good teams have good followers.

4) Even though you don’t need a team full of stars, one person who can’t do their job will significantly affect the success of the team.

5) Encouragement works better than complaining.