Swindoll’s Leadership Lessons

Oct 13th 2009

Calvary’s Pastors spent 2 days at Catalyst last week, it’s a conference in Atlanta that attracts pastors primarily under the age of 35.  Chuck Swindoll was one of the speakers.  Swindoll has been a pastor for close to 50 years.  He’s written around 70 books — I think through the years I’ve read most of them!  A few years ago Christianity Today named him one of the most influential pastors of the last 50 years.  The reason I say all of this is to simply let you know that Swindoll has staying power.  He has had integrity and influence over the long haul.  The heart of his message to the pastors at Catalyst was The Ten Lessons I Learned in 50 years of Ministry so that You Can Thrive in Ministry for the Next 50 Years. Here they are…

I absolutely loved Chuck Swindoll. Pure wisdom! He shared ten life and leadership lessons.

1. It’s lonely to lead
2. It’s dangerous to succeed
3. It’s hardest at home
4. It’s essential to be real
5. It’s painful to obey
6. Brokenness and failure are necessary
7. My attitude is more important than my actions
8. Integrity eclipse image
9. God’s way is always better than my way
10. Christlikeness begins and ends with humility

I could write a blog on each one…but perhaps I’ll just let you ponder them.  If you want to respond, let me know which one has been most important for you and why.