Sandy Frankenstorm Prep List

Oct 29th 2012

Everyone in our community has been preparing for the effects of  Sandy Frankenstorm.  I work best with lists, so I thought I would share my list.  Though it’s probably too late for most of you.  (By the way, while I realize that this is a very serious deal for folks along the coast, we are a bit removed so allow me a bit of humor.)

1) Fill the bathtub with coffee.  It takes some time to brew that much coffee, especially with those one-cup coffee makers, but in times of storm, it’s important to multi-task.  A bath-tub filled with coffee gives me options.

2) Charge up all smartphones, laptops and tablets.  No need to explain this one.  What will we do without power if there is no facebook.

3) Get all the leaves out of the gutters.  Actually I don’t know why I needed to do this one, other than Lynn said so.

4) Make a tray of chocolate-covered rice krispee bars.  Okay I didn’t do that one.  Lynn made them in exchange for the leave thing.

5) Get gmail inbox under 20.  Okay that one has nothing to do with Sandy, but I got that one done today and I like having something to check off my list.

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6) Get as many batteries as you can get.  So that we can play with all the old Christmas toys when there is no electricity.

7) Read through every political post you can find on facebook.  If you don’t do this, and the electricity is down longer than a week, you might forget all the important reasons why you are voting for whom ever you are voting. Because the greatest thing about Facebook is all the political discourse.

8) Fill the car up with gas.  If we lose power or run out of coffee we can go somewhere where there is coffee.

9) Eat at Waffleshop.  Hate to go a week without Waffleshop Bacon.

10) Take some time and ponder how blessed I am that all I have for my list is 1-9.