Resolutions #4

Jan 02nd 2011

New Year’s Eve leads into New Year’s Day — reflection leads to resolution. In a way resolutions are a statement of hope. resolutionsBut for the most part we have lost the art of — or perhaps we’ve just lost the heart for — resolutions. Why? Perhaps because we have failed at our resolutions so many times, that we have lost hope.

You know what I’ve found? I’ve found that we can can be pretty persistant about stuff we value if we have hope that our persistance will pay off. Like the other day…you know, I’ve been on trying to get in shape (okay thinking about trying to get in shape) so the other day I was downtown, and I went past the Dunkin Donut shop. They aren’t Krispy Kreme but they aren’t bad and their coffee is good. So I’m driving downtown and thinking “A cup of coffee and a hot doughnut would really hit the spot.” But then I remembered my shape. So I said a prayer, “God, if you wnt me to stop for a doughnut,
let there be a parking place right in front.” Sure enough, the 7th time around the block…my hopes were realized.

Just kidding. I didn’t even go in and I don’t think God has promised me Dunkin Donuts. But I do believe that God has made promises. I believe he has made promises to me, and he’s made promises to you. I believe he’s made promises that involve our community, our region, our church.

In other words, God has made some resolutions. For many of us there’s not much difference between a wish and a New Year’s resolution. But when God makes a resolution, it’s not a wish, it’s a promise. God is the all-time great resolution maker and promise keeper. What God resolves to do. He will do. If God resolves it, it will happen. Here are some of God’s resolutions, they all involve you so just fill in the blanks with your name.

Be it resolved… Nothing will ever be able to separate _____________ from my love.   Romans 8:31-39

Be it resolved… I will never allow ____________ to be tested beyond what ____________ is able.  I Corinthians 10:13

Be it resolved… I will never leave or abandon ____________. Hebrews 13:5

Be it resolved… The good work I have begun in ___________, I will finish it.   Philippians 1:6

Be it resolved… If ____________ keeps on asking, I will answer.  Luke 11:5-10

Now those resolutions could be the start of pretty good year.