My Long Hair

Oct 10th 2009

So… if you attend Calvary you know that my hair is getting long.  Few weekends go by that someone doesn’t mention it — her name is Lynn.  :)  So just for fun I thought I would blog about my hair.  So some of you might be wondering…

– Is he having a mid-life crisis?  Nope probably won’t live till I’m 94 — think I’m past mid-life.  Besides if it was a mid-life crisis, long hair is definitely cheaper than a convertible sports car, right?  :)

– Is he trying to appeal to the younger crowd at Calvary?  Wrong again.  I just spent 3 days at Catalyst a conference for next generation pastors.  12,000 attended about 10,000 were under the age of 30.  And about 11,000 had short hair and square glasses — different variations of the theme you see.  In fact I wonder if I’ve ever seen so many guys under the age of 30 with shaved heads.  I think there were three of us there with hair down past our collars and two of them were lead singers leading worship.

– So I’m trying to be a rock star?  Nope.  Though I have to say, my singing has been known to make girls scream.  That’s all I’ll say there.

– Does Lynn like it?  She and my daughters all agree.  They feel exactly the same way about it.

– So why are you doing it? Hhmmn.  I could give a number of potential reasons from Nazarite vow (see Samson) to saving money on haircuts, but not everything has a reason.  Maybe I just like being a little weird.

– Will you ever cut it?  Well sure.  It would be a little weird if I never cut it.   Oops.

– When?  So you know I have this old jeep, soft top.  I love it, one of my favorite vehicles ever, and I have this vision in my mind of driving through the PA mountains and valleys, fall colors full palate, soft-top down, wind blowing through my hair.

So Lynn is praying for a warm weather Monday (my day off).  You can join her, if you like.   :) :) :)