Monday Morning Quarterback

Dec 01st 2010

For those not up on football lingo a Monday Morning Quarterback is “one who critiques from a position of hindsight.”  mmqbSo this is supposed to be Monday morning reflections on the weekend and the past week. Yeah I know, it’s Wednesday… I’m trying to get it up to Monday. But the concept is the same…look back from a position of hindsight.

1) Steve Lutz: For those of you who weren’t here last weekend, Steve Lutz preached at our combined Midtown gatherings. You can listen to his talk on Isaiah 61

      1. HERE
.  Steve is one of our newer staff members, taking over Bob Barbash’s spot leading LifeGroups.  That position is about 1/4 time, the rest of his ministry time is spent in campus ministry.  He is passionate about many things including his wife and kids — and all things missional.  He loves the mission of the gospel.

2) Speaking of Campus Ministry:  Erica Reitz and Steve Lutz give leadership to Calvary’s campus ministry.  Both of them raise personal financial support for their campus ministry.  If you are interested in supporting either one of them, let me know and I’ll connect you.  They bring an awesome ROI (Return on Investment).

3) Congratulations to Stefan Wisniewski.  Maybe you remember he shared with us at Calvary on Campus.  Last week he was selected as Penn State’s 95 All-American.  He has garnered a number of year end accolades, but what I love is the way he reflects back on God.  Read through this article — Stefen All American — to see what I mean.

4)  Hopefully you have received your 1% booklet in the mail.  If not, go to ONE% to read it.  Please be praying for this offering and your part in it.  It’s an amazing opportunity to impact the world!

5)  This week, I’ve heard so many stories of people who were reaching out to serve people last week.  People cleaning.  People moving.  People giving.  People praying.  People building.  LifeGroups doing it.  Individuals doing it.  Not just organized programs, but just seeing a need and meeting it as a representative of Jesus.  Such good stuff!  Thank you for the ways you serve, it makes me so glad to be a part of this family.

6)  A couple of weeks ago, I asked you to join me in finish the year strong in prayer… praying Paul’s requests in Ephesians 3:14-21.  Pray for the power of the Spirit to give us inner strength.  Pray for the our lives and our relationships to be rooted in Christ’s love.  Pray for the fullness of the live of God to overflow in us and through us.  Pray that God would show Himself to be the God who is beyond beyond.  Every day.  Pray.

7) Oh yeah…one more football thing, since it is the MMQ post.  My alma mater Bethel University is now in the Third Round of the National Playoffs.  I played football with a number of the coaches and Calvary’s own Ben Jameson is the punter on the team.  This weekend they play St. Thomas, a win there takes them to the quarterfinals!  Go Royals!