Marriage Countdown

Nov 09th 2013

I was going to title this post — “Today I Marry My Daughter” — but that would be too easy to confuse.  I’m a pastor and today I have the privilege of being the officiant at the wedding of my daughter and her fiance Josiah.   The countdown has moved from months to weeks, and now from days to hours.

Lynn gave me strict orders that I must have everything ready, wedding sermon done, by Thursday…so now I have an hour or two to finish it up.  Every time I came to work on the message, I had such a welling up of emotion that I could barely even work on it. So I would doodle for a bit and then stop.  Last night most of the words came but still with a great deal of emotion.  As I was praying and pondering, I just kept asking why all this emotion? I’m not sad that Katy is getting married. I’m glad.  Josiah is a great guy. She has chosen well and this is God’s next step for her journey.  It’s not even that I grieve a chapter ending…that is happening, but it’s been happening ever since she went away to Bethel.

So why this intensity of emotion?  It’s just because I love her. Duh. No great revelation there right? I have loved watching God grow her.  I’ve loved watching her play with kids in Myanmar.  I’ve loved watching her work her way through difficult relationships growing in her ability to be a good friend. I’ve loved watching her relationship with Josiah grow. I’ve loved seeing the ways in which God has shaped her come even more into the light.

But even more than all of that…without all of that.  I just love her.  Nothing she could do would make me love her more and nothing she could do would make me love her less. She’s my daughter and I love her. 

As I was thinking about that, the thought hit me…that’s just a small glimpse into the heart that Father God has for each of us.  I know He is smiling today as well…His heart is filled with love for you…maybe even a bit emotional.

I’m pretty sure that I won’t make it through this wedding ceremony without a few tears… actually I’m just praying that I can speak the words without blubbering.  :)

It’s going to be a good day.