Kids — Gotta Love-em

Jul 03rd 2009

Last night was the last night for our sports camp.  They had a great week, over a hundred kids, over fifty volunteers — even a few Penn State football players.  Lynn and I went to the closing program, it was great watching the kids dance, watching Dan Saxton and team mc, listening to Chris Heinz sing.  I must say that I miss not having a child young enough to go, but I love watching my kids grow.

The last week or so in our LifeJournal reading we’ve been reading through the New Testament book of Titus.  Paul is writing to his young friend Titus and he starts the letter with these words, “I am writing to Titus, my true son in the faith that we share.” Those words grab me.  Of all the dreams that I have in my heart, dreams of the scope of Calvary’s influence in the city and with the next generation, dreams of being a part of the next major move of God, dreams of writing a book, dreams of partnering with local leaders to make a difference in places like Myanmar, Rwanda and the Dominican Republic, dreams of playing professional football — well okay that’s a past dream. 

But of all the dreams that God has put on my heart the one that matters most is that I want to see my kids be true sons and daughters in the faith that we share.  I want my kids to love God with all their hearts and follow Jesus with courage, wisdom and generosity.  There are few things I have loved more than watching God at work in my kid’s lives, watching them grow up in Christ over the years.  They are good kids — l’m blessed to be their dad.

So this video — isn’t of my kids and it didn’t happen at sports camp — but I love it anyway and it reminded me of a couple of past moments I’ve shared with my kids.  So watch it and enjoy!