I Preached Today

Sep 14th 2008

I even wore a sweater vest!  We were at the Siion (Zion) Church in Kuressarre, Estonia, one of the largest Baptist congregations in Estonia.  We have some cool connections to this congregation.  For example, they sent four people to our Leadership Advance event; Herb McKinstry has played his trumpet in this church; folks from Calvary have painted a building that they use for a children’s camp; and it’s also the first place from which my sermon was both live over the radio and internet.  If you would like to check it out click here:  siion1

But before you click here are two very important pieces of information:  1)  It’s mostly in Estonian and I don’t come on till about 30 minutes in.  2)  The video perspective squashes me, so it makes me look larger than I really am… no really…it’s true.

So I wore a sweater vest.  I preached.  Not more than one…maybe two people fell asleep.  It felt pretty good.  Anytime we are connecting with God’s call on our lives, it should feel pretty good.  I’m looking forward to doing it at Calvary again.  My first weekend back preaching will be October 18 & 19th.  See you then if not before…