Hope for Haiti

Feb 17th 2010

Our new Calvary totals for giving to our Hope for Haiti fund are nearing $23,000.  Seems like there is a little bit more each week.  A couple of weekends after the Ernsoearthquake, I met Christina Jean-Louis.  She is a PSU student who attends Calvary.  Her father is a pastor in Port au Prince. Ernso Jean-Louis pastors a fairly large Haitian church filled with young people.  Their facility has been destroyed — but their church is alive and well!

Here is a bit of a recent e-mail he sent me:

Dear Pastor Dan

Thank you for answering my e-mail so quick. After the earthquake we have a big increase in our membership, so many people have accepted the Lord as their personal savior. It is  a big move from the Lord. We have more than 120 people who accepted the Lord during the three days fasting this weekend. If God put in your heart to help financially for the time being, that is great we need to have a temporary place to worship with more than 500 people.   I will let you know by thursday how to transfer the fund to us here in Haiti.

Keep us in your prayers as the Lord continue to do his will in this place. More than 120 voodoo priest accepted the Lord in the Country also, that is the greatest news christian people around Haiti have heard so far. God is at work indeed! We thank you and may God bless you and your church.
Ernso Jean Louis
Partenaires Chretiens Haiti

I have to tell you.  My heart was beating and my adrenaline pumping as I read that e-mail.  Buddhists turning to Christ in Myanmar and voodoo priests turning to Christ in Haiti and God is giving us these little opportunities to be bit players in epic dramas.

Do  you realize that the history of Haiti is in the process of being re-written and from great tragedy God’s love will prevail.  I love it when God sets up connections in advance for us to serve Him and bless others!

If you want to give to support Pastor Ernso, everything given from here on, will go to help them be the church in their city.