Happy Birthday Lynn!

May 10th 2014

First some random facts:

  • We’ve been together for 34 birthdays…and yes…she was a 5 year old freshman at Bethel when we met!
  • We’ve known each other for 64% of our lives and don’t even try to do the math.
  • We met in a shower and double-dated with each other’s roomates…but switched before the night was over.
  • Her favorite date night was horror movies.
  • When she fell for me, she bled all over the rocks and rolled into the river.
  • She was the world’s most beautiful bride. I know everyone says that, but really she was…
  • She once sang (with a trio) the Star Spangled Banner at a Spikes game.
  • I believe I have only forgotten one of her birthdays in my whole life. But I made up for it by taking her out to the little not-all-that-great-but-if-it’s-your-birthday-you-eat-free steakhouse. Yeah not one of my finer moments.
  • She started her nursing career serving kids who had cystic fibrosis and nobody loved those kids more than her.
  • I think she was probably the first person to teach our oldest daughter to use a four letter word for poop. Well it wasn’t really teaching, more like modeling just before the deacons (first church not Calvary) came over for supper…when she broke something in the kitchen.
  • She’s probably a safer driver than I, but she’s also the only one who has ever caused damage to our cars…multiple times.
  • Her four greatest gifts to me are named Sarah, Katy, Jake and Josh…(and we have since added Josiah to mix as well!)
  • She makes the best cinnamon rolls and chocolate covered rice krispee bars.
  • She spends hours and hours praying for people.
  • She gave a devotional once that was quoted in Brazil and at Bethel’s commencement.
  • She is currently part of the search team choosing the national president of our conference.

She is a prayer warrior for many. She is the mother of our children. She is a leader in our church. She loves to laugh, pull pranks, and worship…and yes all three of those go together well. She is a friend to so many. She is my best friend. Nobody knows me better and nobody loves me more. She is not perfect, but she is the first to admit it and she has a deep desire to grow. She has a heart that spurs me on to love others, even those who hurt me or annoy me. She is the Velcro (strong bond but willing to let go) of our family.

She is a child of God. Maybe I have been most impacted by watching her journey over the years, as a child of God. ¬†That journey has been filled with ups and downs, not a few of them caused by me! But for the last 15 years there has been this steady desire to know God, to listen for his voice, to serve Him. I remember years ago when she would complain about not getting stuff from scripture and now so often what God gives her in his word is an encouragement to me. I’m sure they may be people who pray more or better, (whatever that means) but honestly I don’t know them. And as she has journeyed as a child of God, her heart has grown to love many of God’s kids. ¬†

This month marks 20 years that we have been serving together in State College. It marks the 18th birthday of our youngest son. Next month will mark 30 years that we have been married. A lot of marker-moments. But there are few moments that have shaped my life more for the good than the birth-moment of Lynn.

Happy Birthday Sweets!