Find Your Well

Oct 12th 2009

This weekend at Calvary we hit week #2 of our new teaching series, UNchristian: Confessions of a Recovering Church. This week our Jesus-story was his encounter with a woman at a well, and our apology was for the times when we (Christians) don’t care about people who don’t want to join our religion. If you didn’t have a chance to listen this weekend — click

      1. WELL
to listen.

The last two weeks I have had so many e-mails from people who have been hurt in the past, by people who claim to follow Jesus.  My heart breaks.  At the same time I have seen people at Calvary who have aimed their lives in Jesus’ direction — and when many people do that, even church can become a “well” where people can encounter Jesus.  But don’t wait for the weekend… go find a well.  Find a place where you can rub shoulders with people.  Seek out conversations with people who need hope and let them see Jesus on your face.

Today I received this video — it’s a great reminder of our story this weekend.  (Thanks Joyce!)