Enjoy His Pleasures

Oct 09th 2008

There is an ancient rabbinical saying that goes something like this…  God will one day hold us accountable for all the things He created for us to enjoy, but we refused to do so. Wow! Did it ever occur to you that God wants us to enjoy His pleasures?  Could it be that our enjoyment of His pleasures is as important to Him as our accomplishment of his purposes?  Well I have to say that I have had many moments during my sabbatical to enjoy His pleasures…here are just a few of the joys I experienced during my sabbatical.

– Watching sunsets in Minnesota, the Black Hills, New York City, Estonia, and Hawaii.
– Riding in the front seat of an incredibly intense wooden roller coaster with Josh.
– Boating on a lake with my family.
– Time to read.
– Experiencing Discovery Cove with my family.
– A cabin on a lake in Minnesota.
– Rock climbing with Jake.
– Watching Legally Blonde with Katy and Sarah.
– Chocolate Chip Banana Bread from Hana — I’m pretty sure that’s what OT manna was…
– Talking about leadership with Wayne Cordiero and Reggie McNeal.
– Swimming in the Oheo Gulch ponds below a waterfall.
– My first vacation alone with Lynn — the highlight of my sabbatical.
– Flatbread pizza in Paii, Hawaii.
– Eating fresh grilled steaks on a little lanai overlooking Hamoa Bay.
– Sitting around the campfire with Jake.
– Talking to Estonian pastors about building a church without walls.
– Hanging out with a Bill Ankerberg in Estonia — a pastor I deeply respect.
– Playing in the ocean with Lynn.
– Watching Josh play football.
– Doing a baptism in the ocean off Waikiki beach.
– Seeing the look on Sarah and Katy’s face when the limo drove up.
– Reading the Bible in big chunks at a time.
– Long talks with Lynn.
– Preaching in Estonia and watching people come forward.
– Hearing how well Calvary has done in my absence.

So what pleasures has God created for you to enjoy?  Are you missing them or grabbing them with both hands?  You don’t have to take a sabbatical to enjoy His pleasures, but you do have to take the time.