Did the Resurrection Really Happen?

Apr 07th 2010

I want to share two different blogs with you…that last week dealt with the reality of the resurrection from two completely different angles.

 Steve Lutz writes a blog called “The Sentinel.”  He has a series of three great apologetic posts about the validity of the resurrection.  Click The Sentinel to go to the first one and then just click to the next two.

Heather Halleman has a somewhat different — in the moment — take on the reality of the resurrection at her blog entitled “Live with Flair.”  Just click The Flair Disaster to read her resurrection story.

Then if you weren’t able to join us for Easter weekend and you have another 35 minutes or so — our Resurrection Sunday message was on Hope.  You can listen to it here

      1. Rumors of Hope

I’m still basking in the hope of resurrection.