Come Awake!

Apr 29th 2011

In 1997 — I know that’s so long ago — US News and World report asked people, “Who do you think is likely to get into heaven?” They were given a choice of 7 people. Only 19% gave the thumbs up to OJ Simpson (post-murder trial), but Michael Jordan got 65% (yep Bulls won the NBA championship that year.) Oprah got 66% (and this was before she had her own network) and 79% gave the thumbs up to Mother Theresa.

But guess who received the largest percentage of thumbs up for heaven?

It was the person completing the survey!

Apparently most of the people doing the survey, thought, “Mother Theresa’s got a pretty good chance of getting into heaven, in fact there is only one person I can think of who has a better chance and that’s me.

Reality is that none of us can make it on our own. We can’t earn it. We can’t lead ourselves there. There is something fundamentally wrong with our hearts — spiritually dead, hard as rocks. Winning the NBA championship won’t get you in. Owning your own television network won’t open the doors. Not even the service of Mother Theresa is enough to earn heaven.

We need a new heart. We need a champion. We need a Savior. We need resurrection. Last week in a couple of our gatherings we showed this video. Maybe it will speak to you as well.