Arts Fest Altar

Jul 15th 2011

It starts with the idea of creation.  Arts Fest is all about creation; artists finding a way to create what they have imagined.  WhyAnAltar-406x226People come and wander through the booths and as they do some creations bring forth an “ooo wow” or “aaaahh cool.”  The expression honors the creator.  (The creator is even more honored if someone is so drawn to the creation that they want to take it home.)

If God is Creator, then God is Artist.  What better time to honor THE ARTIST then Arts Fest.  So how do we do that?  Perhaps by oooing and aaaahhing in his presence?  Perhaps by praying and asking him to make his presence known to all creation?  That’s what the Arts Fest Altar is all about.

Since Thursday afternoon and going through Sunday afternoon, people are gathering to worship and pray at Unity Church on Gill Street.  Most hours of the day or night during Arts Fest, you can drop by Unity — except for the wee hours of the morning — and find people honoring THE ARTIST through worship and prayer.

Want to join? Let me give you two specific ways for you to enter in.

1) Tonight (Friday) and Saturday night there will be a worship/prayer opportunity at Unity from 6pm – 9pm.  A worship team will be leading in worship and people will be praying.  It’s open to EVERYONE and you don’t have to be there the WHOLE TIME.  It’s just like Arts Fest, wander in, wander out, come for 15 minutes, come for three hours.  Just take a moment to honor THE CREATOR, THE ARTIST.

2) If you go down to the Arts Fest, take some time out, while you are there, to honor THE ARTIST.  Here are some prayer-suggestions.

1. Pray Scripture: All of us at times struggle with what to pray for. Fortunately for us, the New Testament has recorded a number of prayers that are inspired by the Holy Spirit himself. Here are a few suggestions: Ephesians 1:17-19. Colossians 1:9-12. 2 Thesselonians 3:1-2. These are just a few examples. Choose one and take it with you as you walk, pray.

2. Pray for the City: Pray for the mayor and her staff. Pray for the University. Pray for local businesses. Pray for the schools and the children. Pray that God would move in a remarkable way on people’s hearts as they enjoy the arts festival. There’s almost no end to what you can ask God to do in State College.

3. Pray for the Church in the City: Many people do not often think about praying for the Church in a city, yet many of the prayers in the New Testament are precisely that. When the church is operating as Jesus designed it, it is the hope of the world.

4. Pray Everywhere: A major promise that Jesus made to us is that wherever two or more are gathered, He is there with us. This year at the Arts Festival, whereever you are, take a few minutes to pray. Ask God for divine appointments. Ask for a chance to share your faith. Ask God to do a million little miracles in the lives of everyone who attends the festival. When Jesus promises to go where we go, that’s a promise that he’ll answer the prayer offered at a taco stand just as readily as he answers prayer in a church building.

Who knows what might happen as you honor THE ARTIST this year?  Go to for more information.