Aug 21st 2008

Wow, for anyone who had started thinking that you would get a daily posting from me… apologies. It’s been a whole week since I last posted. But that doesn’t mean nothing happened! I traveled home from Orlando — a day and a half ahead of tropical storm Fay — where we had a great family vacation. Four month sabbatical and we were only able to find ONE WEEK where we could get everyone together. Can you relate? Anyway…it was a great vacation, I’ll probably post more on that later.

So back to the short version of this last week… I traveled home from Orlando. Celebrated my birthday, by getting a tooth extracted and then going to Waffleshop with my family. Then I spent a day getting school loans and paying school bills. Then Jake & Josh & I built a fire-pit in our backyard for Katy’s going away party. And now I’m sitting in the car with my girls, headed to New York City for three days in the Big Apple (don’t worry Sarah’s driving as I type this).

Three days in New York City with Sarah and Katy, Broadway play, carriage ride in Central Park, Madame Tousade’s Wax Musuem in Times Square, a NYC tour, and lots of shopping. Pray for me. Shopping takes more out of me than mountain climbing and rollercoasters. :)