Another High-Dive Moment

Aug 27th 2012

So here are a few reorienting questions for everyone from Calvary:  Is it possible that three men from Ferguson Township could thwart/stop/mess-up or in any way diminish the plan of God to shape each and everyone one of us to live more like Jesus?  Is it possible that three men from Ferguson could thwart/stop/mess-up or in any way diminish what God wants to do both in us and through us in our community?  In fact is it even possible that three men from Ferguson could keep us from building whatever God wants built at Harvest Fields?  Finally is it possible that God wants to use three men from Ferguson Township to give us our own mini (because it’s only a mini) high-dive moment?

The proper answers would be no. no. no. and yes.

If you haven’t heard, 3 men from Ferguson Township voted no to letting Calvary hook into the public sewer system.  As I have heard it, (I wasn’t there) the other townships were not only in favor of this but also extremely upset with Ferguson.  I’m guessing that Ferguson will be forced to secede from the Happy Valley Union.   Just kidding…kinda.  No really just kidding.  From our perspective, and I might add, not just our perspective but the perspective of many supervisors from other townships, the process is broken and the decision was unfair.

But at the moment, that doesn’t really matter to me.

What matters is how we respond.  Here is what I think.  This isn’t about Ferguson Township.  This isn’t about our facilities.  This isn’t even about our poop.  The timing is too obviously God; immediately after the

      1. Philippians 4 message
. This is about us…and our response.  This  is about God giving us a mini-high-dive moment through which He is asking us, “So will you love me with all of your trust.”

So how do we respond?

Pray about everything.  Practice Gratitude.  Ponder God’s Good Everywhere.  Practice trust.  And not only will God’s peace guard our hearts and minds, but the God of Peace (shalom), the very God of Peace (overflowing fullness and blessing) will be WITH us.  If the God of Peace is with us…his favor is on the way.  So if you read this before you go to bed, take a moment to pray about this, take a few more moments to tell God thank you for all that he did at the CoG meeting.  Ponder the good that could come from all that has taken place.  And jump into God with all your trust.

I’ll be honest, I’ve got a smile on my face at the moment, I don’t really giggle anymore, but I’m kind of chuckling.  That’s not how I felt when Lynn texted me the words, “Ferguson voted no.” I didn’t text back a smiley face.  I texted a word that started in c and ended in p.  But once I hit send on that word, God brought my mind back to the weekend with the words, “Don’t worry.”  And now I’ll be honest, I kind of excited to see what God does with this.  I think there is a boomerang of favor on it’s way back around…  I don’t know how He will do it, I just believe He will.

His blessing is coming, so much blessing that I’m even praying a pile of blessing falls on those three guys from Ferguson.  How cool would it be if they came to know the love of Jesus through our response.

Keep your eyes open… as you jump… God is up to something…good.

By the way, to all those of you who came to the meeting and who prayed for the meeting… thank you, you have represented Jesus so well.  I couldn’t ask for anything more.