A Whisper Past My Heart

Feb 26th 2009

At a church in Minnesota, the children’s sunday school was going through a curriculum focused on prayer.  During one stretch the children learned that prayer is conversation with God, which means that God also speaks to us and we should be able to hear Him.  Shouldn’t we?  I mean think about teaching children the reality of something we so often fail to value.

Anyway, a number of weeks later, a mother shared this story about her six year old son. After one of the classes he had come home quite thoughtful, somewhat concerned.  He finally asked her, “Mom what does God’s voice sound like.  Our teachers said that God talks to us, but I’ve never heard Him, what does God sound like?”

Not an easy ?…but she did her best.  Over the next few days, her son’s concern intensified, this little six year old, so badly wanted to hear God speak, but could not.  The mother was ready to go ask the Children’s Pastor for advice, when one day, her son came running into the kitchen yelling, “Mom it finally happened. I heard it. I heard it.”  “Heard what dear?”  “I heard God’s voice.”  “Oh,” she responded, “and what did it sound like.  He paused, then looked up at his mother and said, “Hmmm, It sounded like a whisper past my heart and out my ears.”

Wouldn’t take much to miss a voice like that would it?   Listen maybe the first word we need to hear Jesus saying is, “Would you just slow down?  In your pursuit of all you want, you are missing the one thing your heart craves and your life lacks.  Would you just slow down.  Don’t worry about all you have to do.  I’ll let you know if the world is going to fall apart without you.  But meanwhile I just want to be with you.  I miss being with you.  Be still, it’s okay.  Take time to listen to me.  I will tell you wonderful things that you never imagined.”

Listen.  Maybe God is whispering to you right now.