A Real-Life Look at Suffering

Feb 18th 2010

The last few weekends at Calvary we have been making our way through the gospel of Mark.  As we have looked at the life of Jesus and what it truly takes to leave a mark on the world, I have used phrases like…

  • – God will not give you a life-changing, world-impacting ministry if you have never suffered.  Misery precedes ministry.
  • – God loves you and has a difficult plan for your life.
  • – I’ve stopped praying for my children to be safe, now I pray for them to be dangerous.
  • – God expressed his love and appreciation for Jesus and THEN drove him into the wilderness.  If God loves you, there is wilderness in your future.

It’s a different look at the life and call of Jesus.  greg

This week someone shared a blog post from a young man who is living those words out in a powerful way with a holy, righteous, courageously real attitude.  His name is Greg Boros.  A few years ago, he was a PSU student who also joined us on occasion at Calvary.  In 2006 he had a traumatic health problem — heart and head trauma.  Many people prayed for him and he came through it.  Quite a few people at Calvary know him and still pray for him.  Recently his health has led to a life and death situation.  He is currently on the heart-transplant list.

This blog post comes from his heart as he and his wife have walked through this wilderness.  It challenged me.  It encouraged me.  God used it to speak to me.  It has the ring of truth to it.  I will encourage you to read it and pray for him — but perhaps just as importantly, pray for us.

None of us can choose when we die, but God does give us the opportunity to choose how we live.  Thanks for that reminder Greg.

Click Greg Boros to read his post.