A Miracle on Day 14,480

Apr 11th 2011

I love this story in Acts 3, in fact it is the story that names my blog – Dancing Cripples.  crutch card frontWe looked at this story last week at Calvary and here is a synopsis of the point that I’m pondering today.

It’s 3 in the afternoon. Peter and John are on their way to a prayer meeting. They loved to pray. It was one of the hallmarks of the original church. And in the last year or so, they have embraced prayer, more and more. Life isn’t necessarily easy, there are so many needs… they still face moments of persecution. And yet, daily they are seeing God add to the movement of Jesus-followers. Daily, their faith grows, lives are being changed, generosity is flowing, courage is growing, character is forming… and so there is a bounce to their steps.  They love to pray.

On the way to the prayer meeting, as they come to the Gate called Beautiful, a man is being carried in. A crippled man — he wears his cripple on the outside, some of us are crippled on the inside – crippled since birth, sits with his hand out.

In fact in his mother’s womb he was already a cripple. For 40 years, he’s been crippled. For 14,480 days, someone has had to bring him food. For 14,480 days someone has had to carry him to the bathroom. Who knows, maybe for 14,480, someone has prayed that his legs would be healed. But I kind of doubt it, it would taken extra-ordinary hope to make a request that has gone unanswered for 14,480 days. But this day would be different.

On this day he is going to get something more than money. He’s going to get a miracle.

Here’s my question. Why this day? if God is going to heal him anyway, why not day 4764? Why not day 1? I don’t know. I really don’t.  God’s plans are often mysterious to me.  All I know is that one day was different and it is always too early too quit hoping. It is always to early too quit asking God.

Peter and John fixed their gaze on him and they even asked him to look at them. So there is a meeting of the eyes. You know this man is thinking, this could be a good one. When I can get them to look me in the eye just before they go into church…I might even get silver or gold. But here’s the thing, money isn’t the best we have to offer. Our resources are never the best we have to offer.

Peter and John, say, “Silver and gold we have none, but what we have we give you, in the name of Jesus rise and walk.” As they pull him to his feet, God restores his legs…and he dances. And when cripples dance – the gospel comes alive, and people run to God.

So I’m not sure what “day” you find yourself on, all I can tell you is that God loves to see cripples dance and it’s always too early to quit asking for a miracle.

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      1. When Cripples Dance