A Greater-Than Calling

Jan 28th 2011

Every year — Leadership Advance is one of the highlights of my year.  This year was no exception. About 55 participants gathered with about 30 coaches and volunteers for about 48 hours of listening… listening for God’s calling.  LA2011Today Erica, one of our campus ministry directors sent out this report…

Q: What happens when your team of college student leaders sets aside 2 ½ days to listen to God, dig into his purposes, and enter the “unknown” of all that He has in store for the semester?

A: God reveals Himself.

Leadership Advance was an incredible way to kick-off the semester! We’re currently experiencing the fruits of our time at LA as our team continues to grow closer to each other, to God, and to serving in our unique strengths and gifts. God is at work in our leaders, and He is at work in students they are influencing. Below are some God-stories and a team picture from LA. We’re trilled to journey with this crew this semester. Thank you for your prayers and support.

To even greater things ahead!


Leadership Advance was GREAT. I learned about how God designed my brain to function, and it was interesting to see how different other people are! Lately I’ve been trying real hard to reconcile my faith with the science I believe to be true as well, and Pastor Dan said something to the effect of, “if you’re questioning your faith or doubting, you’re in the right place”…, and that really struck me. Also, the people and speakers were all great. I’m really happy I went. Tell everybody that prayed for me that I’m really thankful. (David, PSU Sophomore, Immunology and Infectious Disease Major)

I learned a lot about myself; I feel like God used Leadership Advance to adjust me for the semester ahead. Like Steve [CCO campus minster] talked about before, it’s little adjustments of your trajectory now that makes a huge difference in the future. (Matt, PSU Sophomore, Petroleum Engineering Major)

I learned a lot about relationships throughout the various talks of the weekend, and I definitely have a new perspective…The thing that stood out to me the most was that I am responsible to learn about the gifts God has given me and to use them for His glory as well as to help others to do the same. I walked away truly challenged to channel my strengths away from trying to solve my own problems, trust God to handle them, and use my energy and strengths to build His Kingdom. (Alicia, PSU Senior, Industrial Engineering Major)

Jesus once said that if we believe in Him, we would do even greater things than He has done.  You might have caught a future glimpse of just that in mini-stories above.