The Myanmar Experience

Jul 22nd 2011

Rhonda — one of the beautiful girls clinging to Lynn — is a young girl from Myanmar.  She and a number of other Burmese children –like Glory, Abraham, Susannah, Jacob, Joshua, and Mary — have stolen our hearts. There are 162 other children like them in four homes that we serve, love and support in Myanmar; Agape Orphanage, Blessing Orphanage, Kid’s Life Orphanage, and Wonderful Calvary Orphanage.  play4 We currently sponsor four children in Myanmar.  What does that mean?  We pray for them.  We write them letters.  We give $40/month to help feed, clothe and educate them.  More importantly we help give them a home.  If Myanmar would allow adoptions, I’m pretty sure Lynn would be filling out the papers, but until then we sponsor them.  It’s the next best thing.

If you would like to know more about Myanmar, or perhaps you would even like to sponsor a child, I invite you to come to the Myanmar Experience.

  • – Come tomorrow (Saturday July 23)
  • – From 3-6pm at Harvest Fields
  • – (1100 Boal Avenue, Boalsburg, PA)

This will be an opportunity for people of all ages to experience a bit of the Myanmar life — we’ve even piped in authentic Myanmar weather — and find out about the kids we love.  There will be experience stations teaching the language, playing Burmese games, Burmese face-painting, and many others.  Can’t come?  Two different ways that you can help.

1) Go to Pray Myanmar to find ways you can pray, serve or give.

2) If you have a facebook account, click the “Give” button to the left of this blog post and give a one-time gift. It’s entirely safe and easy. if you do not have a facebook account you can click Calvary Donate to go to Calvary’s secure sight.  Just choose Myanmar Ministry in the drop down box.  $40 will care for a child for a month.  $1000 will supply all the needs of Wonderful Calvary Orphanage for a month!

And if you have the opportunity to pray, serve or give, — in advance — thanks from me and Rhonda…read her letter below…

Rhonda letter