21 Days of Prayer — Update

Sep 06th 2010

Two Sunday’s ago, we were challenged to invest 21 days of prayer into Penn State University.  I asked the Calvary family to go on campus to pray one day each week (3 weeks = 3 days) and to pray specifically for three Penn State people.  Pray for three people every day and prayer-walk on campus three days.  calvary on campus

Each of our gatherings has a different day, so someone from Calvary is on campus praying every day for the 21 days…AND if everyone is praying for 3 people — and no one doubles up — then 3000+ people are being prayed for name.  By the way, with some input from others, I decided to pray specifically for 6 people — three who are not yet followers of Jesus, and three who are followers of Jesus.  I’m asking God to help His kids on campus be a great reflection of Jesus.

Lynn and I have been on campus prayer-walking three time so far — once we started at the Creamery, once we finished at the Creamery — and we’ve

  1. – Prayed at Haluba Hall for the football players & coaches.
  2. – Prayed at Paternoville for students to find community in Christ.
  3. – Prayed at the law building that God’s grace would flow from there to the campus.
  4. – Prayed for International students and the world that God brings to our doorsteps.
  5. – Prayed for Students on the Blue Band.
  6. – Prayed among the lab buildings for those involved in the sciences, that they would know the Creator.
  7. – Prayed at Eisenhower for September 19th and the arts.
  8. – Prayed for students we passed.

As Lynn and I drove home the last time, it occurred to me, in 16 years of being a pastor here — as a whole church — we have on occasion prayer-walked on campus, on occasion prayed for the campus, but never before have we focused our prayers on Penn State University for 21 Days.  I said to Lynn, “That’s just stupid.  Why haven’t we done this before.”  So I want to tell you I’m sorry for not leading us to do this sooner.  I want to say thanks to those who have faithfully prayed for God’s dream to unfold at the heart of our region, even when I didn’t.  And I want to encourage you, if you haven’t been praying, pray.

Also, Sherilyn Jameson and Pastor Stac both have great blog posts about their experiences prayer-walking.  Just click their names to go to their blogs.

Maybe I’ll see you at the Creamery!