1635 from 39

Apr 27th 2010

That’s 1635 visits from 39 countries to my blog in the last month.  Now the reality is that’s small potatoes in the blog-world.  So this ain’t a bragging post!  1538 of those 1635 were visits from 41 states in the United States, so I had a few less than 100 international visits last month.  So two requests…

1) I have no idea who the international readers are and what would draw them to this blog.  If you have a chance, and you are willing, would you take a minute and let me know who you are and what brought you to this blog?

2) For those of you who are in the States, a bit different request at the moment…just for fun and my own sense of accomplishment.  Readers from 41 states have read this blog in the last month.  Nobody has visited from Nevada, Wyoming, North Dakota, Iowa, Mississippi, West Virginia, Rhode Island, Maine, Vermont, Hawaii, or Delaware.  If you know someone from one of those states, point them my way.  It would be kinda cool to have a visitor from all the states some month.

To all of  you who read — thank you.  I appreciate your time and I hope that occasionally your time is rewarded with something to ponder.